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On the South Korean zalman site it is already possible to find the description of monitors ZM-M190 and ZM-M220W, which have the screen diagonal 19 and 22 inch respectively. Zalman ZM-M190 is 4:3 monitor.

The response time is equal to 5 ms, it support the resolution 1280 X 1024 points. In the ordinary operating mode the viewing angles are equal to 160 degrees. However, during the stereoscopic mode the normal image is in the range of 90 degrees only. In other words, in order to see clear three-dimensional picture, it is necessary to sit almost strictly on to center before the monitor. Furthermore, for the work with 3D images will be required the special drivers, which exist only for video card NVIDIA.

At present they support video card geForce 5xxx, GeForce 6xxx and GeForce 7xxx. The owners of newer video card NVIDIA or any video card AMD will use those monitors only in two-dimensional regime. The supported operating system are only Windows 2000 and Windows XP. The list of supported games is sufficiently large. We have here Colin mcRae DIRT, Command and Conquer 3 Model Zalman ZM-M220W is characterized not only by the larger screen diagonal 22 inch and also the wide-format - resolution 1680 X 1050.

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Так что Вы лучше позвоните, уточните этот момент.

Imagine immersing yourself in the world of 3D content like never before. Monsters, bullets, and landscapes jump out of your flat monitor and into your imagination, making you part of the game. Award-winning GeForce GPU support enables ultra-realistic smoke, rain, explosions, and lighting at incredible frame rates. Simple to use software automatically renders games in 3D stereo for optimal visual realism. Experience the latest in 3D stereo with support for Zalman 3D displays and anaglyph displays.

Other operating systems work too if they allow you to choose a 120Hz video mode in their display settings. Additionally, your graphics card must support quad buffered OpenGL stereo, a feature which is normally only available in workstation products like nVIDIA Quadro and AMD FireGL. These cards often also have a mini-DIN connector for the shutter glasses, which is however not needed if you chose glasses with DLP-link see above. The only disadvantage of DLP-link glasses is that you sometimes need to manually flip left and right image.

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